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Waterfront Cities Of The World

An in-depth look at the essence of vibrant port cities around the globe



There are over 500 000 port cities across the globe. Hubs of military activity, commercial trade, population migrations and cultural trends, these bustling centers seemed as much part of the global community as part of their own countries. In our changing world, these cities, enriched by their history of cultural exchange, continue to have a powerful impact on human civilization. Port cities are where a nation meets the rest of the world, where the familiar meets the exotic, where the known meets the unknown. Sophie Fouron takes us into the heart of each of these incredible cities to discover how their past affects their present, and how their present is shaping their future.

format & languages

Documentary Series
5 seasons
66 episodes x 60 minutes
French, English


Season 1

Marseille Melbourne Moscou San Francisco Tel Aviv Lisbonne Le Cap Houston Buenos Aires Reykjavik Bangkok Helsinki

Season 2

Tokyo Boston Copenhague Honk Kong Istanbul Panama Salvador de Bahia Valence La Valette Venise Vancouver St-Petersbourg Singapour

Season 3

Honolulu Doha Lima Hô Chi Minh-Ville Hambourg Naples New York Stockholm Londres Riga Barcelone La Nouvelle-Orléans Miami

Season 4

Chicago Tanger Oslo Amsterdam Dublin Seoul Shanghai Part 1 Shanghai Part 2 Carthagène des Indes Auckland Rio Los Angeles Mumbai

Season 5

Toronto Nantes Kuala Lumpur Montevideo Taipei Valparaiso Portland Philadelphia Glasgow Budapest Dakar Rome Athens

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