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Watch Me (or try not to)

It’s all about entertainment



Not so long ago, formal entertainment used to be reserved for the wealthy and educated. Today, Netflix has 222 million subscribers; global box office revenues amount to over $21 billion U.S.; 1.72 billion households around the world have at least one TV set; there are over 200,000 cinema screens across the planet and more than 35,000 stations broadcast into homes in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America; every 60 seconds, roughly 2.5 million people visit the world’s most popular porn sites every 60 seconds… The entertainment industry has literally shaped the way we see the world. Films, TV shows, broadcast sports, news and documentaries reinforce or discourage our points of views; they offer us temporary relief from the monotony of daily schedules; they make us laugh and cry; they connect us and divide us. They educate and inform us. And it is almost impossible to go a day without them. Wherever in the world you are. Watch Me (or try not to) is a 6 part series that delves into the global entertainment industry and explores how the world we live in has been impacted by what we watch. With incredible stories and mind blowing numbers about the people, projects, science, marketing and money behind it all, we’ll also find out where the wonderful (whole) world of it is headed.

format & languages

Documentary series
6 episodes x 60 minutes
French, English


Season 1

The Takeover The Science The Marketing The Supply Chain The Impact The Future

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