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The Life-Sized City

A documentary series about urban change


It’s no secret, cities are changing faster than ever. On all continents, in every city, big or small, individuals and groups are taking the lead and bringing ideas to the streets. Together, they are creating modern resilient cities focused on the vision of the humans who inhabit them. The Life-Sized City is a ground-breaking documentary series that explores the anatomy and vibrancy of the modern city, highlighting pockets of life-sized goodness in cities around the world. Hosted by the boldly outspoken and charismatic Mikael Colville-Andersen, often referred to as the Anthony Bourdain of urban development, the series reveals inspiring stories from everyday citizens yearning for change and urban renewal. Ideas once limited to a single neighbourhood, somewhere halfway around the world, are brought to the screen to inspire people from just about everywhere. The Life-Sized City is a catalyst for organic urban change, a gallery of the best and the brightest minds and actions that are making our daily life better, from Medellín to Tokyo and back, via Paris, Bangkok, Detroit, Cape Town and Tel Aviv. Each episode focuses on one city and on what makes it livable (or not) for its residents. Mikael gives a voice to those who go above and beyond stereotypes and who dare to make a difference, from ordinary citizens to urban activists and political leaders. He is at the helm of intriguing and creative encounters with those who make up the social fabric that redefines city life, talking about public space, transport, family life, urban sprawl, bikeability and green initiatives – all on a human scale. Interacting with true urban heroes, he gets dirt under his fingernails and puts theory to practice as he takes part in surprising urban innovations.


— Medellin

— Cape Town

— Tel Aviv

— Paris

— Bangkok

— Toronto

— Copenhagen

— Tokyo

— Detroit

— Mexico City

— Milan

— Montreal

— Barcelona

— Buenos Aires

— Beirut

— Hamilton

— Taipei

— New Orleans

— Calgary

— Istanbul

— Los Angeles

— Antwerp

— Berlin

format & language

Documentary series
23 episodes x 1 hour
English, French, Italian, Dutch
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