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The Island Diaries

A journey into the soul of islands around the world


Islands occupy a unique place in our collective imagination. When Thomas More envisioned Utopia in the 16th century, he set his ideal society on an island. Today the modern tourism industry markets islands as prime vacation spots — promoting the island experience as a dream-like destination. But how does it feel to live the island life on a daily basis ? The Island Diaries journeys into the soul of islands around the world. Each episode of this original and stunning documentary series focuses on a specific island or archipelago, searching for the distinctive elements that make them so unique. Why are islander societies so closely woven? How do they connect to the rest of the world? Our world-class cinematography and creative storytelling reveals the character of each of these spectacular destinations. From the Faroe Islands to Hawaii, from Okinawa to Cape Verde, we have selected islands both big and small, remote and accessible, popular and secretive. The Island Diaries are authentic and privileged stories about insular life and what it means to live away from it all.


— Faroe Islands

— Comoros

— Salt Spring Island

— Big Island — Hawaii

— The Channel Islands

— Cape Verde

— Okinawa

— Cuba

— Newfoundland

— Crete

— Bali

— Montserrat

— Reunion Island

— Great Barrier Island

— Bocas Del Toro

— Guadeloupe

— Lofoten

— Chiloé

— New Caledonia

— Majuli

— Falkland Islands

— Azores 

— Jeju

— Magdalen Islands 

— Sardinia

— Baranof Island

— Outer Hebrides

— Samoa

— Fiji

— Haiti

— San Andrés & Providencia

— Phu Quoc — Vietnam

— Taiwan

— Iceland

— La Gomera — Canary Islands

— Åland Islands

— Broughton Archipelago

— Fox Islands — Maine, USA

— Marajó — Brazil

— Singapore

— Cyprus

— Puerto Rrico

— Saint Pierre and Miquelon 

— Palaos

— Ibiza

format & language

Documentary series
45 episodes x 1 hour
French, English
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