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We all come from somewhere (else)


Today, more people than ever before in human history live in a country other than the one in which they were born. Migration is a defining issue of our time. It is also one of the most profound, controversial and least understood challenges of our time. Where we’re from, where we are and where we’re headed is not simply the migrant’s story, it is all of our stories. Historically, with ex- ceptions of forced movements, migration has been for the most part, a positive element, the agency of development in the most successful, multiethnic, multicultural countries of the world. Today, we are not experiencing a migrant crisis, we are creating a welcoming crisis — one that, as the world changes around us, will affect more and more of us, collectively and individually. «Life is on the move, today as in the past. For too long, we’ve constructed a story about ourselves, our history and the natural world around us in which migration is the anomaly. It’s an illusion.» — Sonia Shah, author of The Next Great Migration Origin examines and reveals the consequences of humanity’s 60,000 year journey to discover how the world’s population spread, conquered and traversed the globe — and where we’re all headed next. Because without a greater understanding of the issue, we risk further polarization in an increasingly polarized world. And so how do we, as a global community, recognize the eternal inevitability of migration and attain that greater understanding? To answer that question, Origin travels around the world in search of the mostly unexamined migration stories, both forced and voluntary, that offer us an insight into our place in the world. These stories are a testament to our ingenuity and adaptability as a species. At the same time, these stories reveal another side of humanity, about who can belong and who can’t. As societies become more diverse, there are both more opportunities and more challenges. Origin is a carefully crafted and layered documentary, where viewers are guided by leading thinkers, anthropologists , historians, policy-changers and cross-cultural experts. DBCom’s signature animated graphic design adds additional information, simplifies it, and makes it more digestible for the viewer.


format & language

Feature documentary
100 minutes
English, French
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