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Humanity’s quest to save time


Since just about forever, we’ve spent most of our time trying to find ways to save time. We’ve even tried to invent more time. But no matter how hard we’ve tried, we just never seem to have quite enough of it. Faster! Humanity’s Quest to Save Time investigates the time-saving inventions we depend on and explores their impact on the world at large. We follow the invisible thread that binds societies and cultures together making up the world’s population. And that’s about 8 billion of us! Each episode explores the nature of inventions and concepts designed to save time for huma- nity across the 4 corners of the globe. Stunning graphics, scientific research, coupled with incredible storytelling unveils the multiple layers — whether temporal, social, historical, environmental or geopolitical — of how these inventions have impacted our existence.And still do!


— The Elevator

— The To-Go Cup

— The Microwave

— The Dishwasher

— The Barcode

— The Highway

— The Shopping Mall

— The Plastic Container

— Light

— Artifical Intelligence

— The Airplane

— Tools

— Money

— Self-Service

format & language

Documentary series
8 episodes x 1 hour (+8 more to come)
English, French, Arabic, German
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