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Eat Me (or try not to)

Behind the brands that feed the world


Across the globe, iconic food brands shape the way we eat, the way we buy, prepare, package, consume and stock food. They determine when we eat and dictate where and with whom. In short, the brands that surround us all have created a whole new set of rules to live by — in our present lives as well as in the future. Some are there because they’re desired, they’re an important sign of globalisation and easy access. Some are there because they fulfil a necessity: eating and, well, surviving. Wherever you may be. That’s because they’re on every continent, in nearly every country. Eat Me is a six-part series that dives into the social and cultural aspect of the global food industry and explores how iconic brands shape the world we live in with incredible stories about the people, the products, the science, the marketing, and the money behind them. And where it’s all headed. Large scale research matches the large scale scope of the series as we travel the world with some of the food industry’s most distinguished and recognized guests to discover the impact these brands have had on the world. Insightful, relatable, humorous and visually stunning, Eat Me is deliciously entertaining.


— The Takeover

— The Taste

— The Marketing

— The Supply Chain

— The Impact

— The Future

format & language

Documentary series
6 episodes x 1 hour
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