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DBcom Media does not take the privilege of storytelling lightly. Founded in 1995, we have consistently challenged ourselves ever since to create original, integral and entertaining content that matters to the whole world. And we love what we do — generating ideas and turning them into world-class factual content, broadcast in more than 100 territories, in over 50 languages. Our productions have taken us all over the globe, shooting in multiple languages for an international market and an international audience. Our creative edge comes from recognizing that productions are people. For 15 years we’ve prided ourselves on hiring and finding the best people to tell stories, both behind and in front of the cameras. And we’re at the forefront of all the bells and whistles that complete those stories, from groundbreaking tech to singular design. Independently owned and operated, DBcom Media has also emerged as a leader in collaborative financing and the cohabitation of rights in response to a changing industry. That’s because at its core, DBcom Media wants to make content with people for people, everywhere.

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