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A documentary series about music and the people who make it


Believe it or not, the average Westerner hears close to 6 hours of music a day. That’s almost a quarter of a lifetime! You find it hard to believe? Think about it...On top of our favourite playlists and the concerts we flock to, music is all around us: at the movies, in commercials, in TV shows, at work, waiting on the phone, at the mechanic’s, in shopping malls, at the pharmacy, in the car, on the subway, in the street, and obviously (this is easy), in the elevator! Now factor in the most stunning element of the chain, the fact that the average yearly income of a professional musician in America sits somewhere around the 10 000 $ mark, and you’ve got a unique situation. Music is a fundamental part of our lives. It accompanies us and punctuates every moment, big or small. In fact, music is so present that we often take it for granted. Yet we seldom take time to think about what daily life would be like without music. We’ve fallen in love to ‘our song’, had the party of a lifetime listening to a specific album, been swept off our feet during the scene in that movie, with the piano and the drums... But oddly enough, only very few of us really know how the world of musical production operates. Who really knows just how lucky they are to be able to enjoy the music that fills their mp3 player? Let’s be honest: almost everyone has dreamt of becoming a music star, as a singer, drummer, guitarist, orchestra conductor… Some prefer small, intimate piano-bars, others dig crazy rock concerts. Motivations vary: fame, money (wait until they find out how scarce it can be), freedom or the simple pleasure of making music. But do we really know what daily life is like for the artists we admire so much? Most of the work they do goes unnoticed or seems abstract… Have you ever participated in recording an album? In composing it? In launching it? How does it become a hit? How does one put together a show, or a tour, be it regional or international? Are film scores created as the film is being shot or afterwards? The answer: there are as many ways to accomplish all of these tasks as there are artists. And here’s where this show begins. Our aim is to offer culture savvy viewers a forthright, curious, and intimate look into this industry that the general public knows very little about. Our approach has nothing to do with the magazine genre, too detached from real life. We’ll look deeply and precisely into a number of aspects pertaining to musicians’ motivations. The music scene is more alive than ever, yet it faces increasingly complex challenges. The list of topics we wish to cover with this series is very rich, rich enough to fuel multiple seasons.


— Être Musicien: Les Chiffres

— La Tournée

— S’Autoproduire

— Se Mettre En Scène

— La Critique 2.0

— Exporter Sa Musique

— Les Concours: Un Tremplin?

— La Musique Au Service De…

— Vendre Sa Musique

— La Festivalisation De La Musique

— L’Évolution Des Supports

— La Réalisation: Un Secret Bien Gardé?

— La Mise En Marché De l’Artiste

— De l’Émergent Au Maintstream

— De l’Idée Au Lancement

— La Programmation Musicale

— Les Musiciens Dans L’Ombre

— La Formation Musicale

— S’Expatrier Pour Être Entendu

— La Maison De Disques

format & language

Documentary Series
20 episodes x 30 minutes
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